Pirmais Ziemassvētku eglītes stāsts, Viena no leģendām vēsta, ka eglīte 1510.gadā pirmoreiz rotāta Rīgā

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Article from Sestdiena, 3 - 9 December 2005,- Egīls Zirnis
Article from Sestdiena, 3 - 9 December 2005,- Egīls Zirnis



Finland may have Santa Claus; but, Latvia has its own legend being the place of the first recorded use of a decorated tree in a Christmas / New Year's celebration.

Finland has built an entire industry out of it's legend.

Even Finnair is the official airline for Santa Claus.

The average Finish citizens knows all about Santa Claus's home being in Lapland.

The whole world knows about the Latvia connection to the First Christmas Tree and is even documented in the Christmas Tree Archives book published in the UK by Countess Maria Hubert von Staufer Christmas Archives International.

What about the average Latvian? Why don't they know and or care of this legend?

Latvia should and must NOT lose this opportunity to benefit from this legend here at home.

The story is documented in the Blackheads fraternity chronicles from the year 1509/1510, written in Old German language. It has been translated to Latvian language.

The language is ambiguous about specific details of the tree; but, none the less, it should be a sufficient foundation to build the Riga Tree legend just as Finland has built the Santa Claus legend.

We strongly urge Latvian people from all walks of life to support and help to build this legend before the opportunity and momentum is lost.

Tour guides should start telling their visitors about the legend; tour companies should start advertising the legend; companies should include information about the legend in their literature; the press should write and talk about this legend; and our tourism professionals and leaders should develop plans to include the Riga Tree possibilities in their tourism schedules and literature quickly.

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